Add users to your network

Whether you have a network for personal use or manage your company's corporate network, you'd probably want to invite people to your account and join your NetBird network.

There are two ways of adding users to a NetBird account - indirect and direct.

Indirect user invites

This way of adding users is managed by the NetBird system and doesn't require administrator input. It works only for organizations with private domains.

Whenever a new user signs up with a private domain (e.g.,, NetBird creates a new account and associates it with the organization (domain) automatically. Every consequent user signup with the same domain in their email address will end up under the same organization.

How does it work? Every time a previously unknown user registers at, the system classifies the domain part of the email. The domain can fall into one of the following categories - public, private, or unclassified. The domains of the private category are the ones that are automatically grouped under the same account. Public domains are the ones of the public email providers like Gmail.

Direct user invites

As the name stands, this way of inviting users is straightforward and works through the web UI. To invite a new user, proceed to Team then select the Users tab and click the button. A window will appear, allowing you to specify the name and email address of the user you want to invite. Optionally, you could select a set of groups with which you want this user to be associated.

The invited users will receive an email invitation that they have to confirm. After logging in to the system, they will join your network automatically.


Manage user roles

NetBird has three user roles - Owner, Admin, and User. The roles allow you to control the level of access to the management API of your account.

  • Owner role - has full access to the account and can manage all aspects of the account. There can be only one account owner in NetBird. Users with the owner role can delete their organization account. See the Delete NetBird account section for more.
  • Admin role - has full access to the account except that administrators can't delete or update the role of the Owner user and delete the organization account.
  • User role - has limited access to the account, allowing users to view peers they own and others they can connect to. Users can create personal access tokens for programmatic access.

To manage user roles, proceed to the Users tab and click on the user you want to update:


After that, select the desired role from the dropdown:


Click the Save button to save the changes.

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