This page will help with various issues when self-hosting NetBird.

Debugging TURN connections

In the case that the peer-to-peer connection is not an option then the peer will use the TURN server for the secure connection establishment. If the connection is not possible even with TURN (Relay), then we need to confirm that your turn configuration is correct and that it is available.

To test your TURN configuration you can access the online tester. There you will find a ICE servers input box, where you can select and remove the existing server, then add your turn server configuration as follows:

Please replace and PASSWORD with the information from the management.json TURNConfig, then click on Add server.


You should see an output similar to the following:


Where you have the following types: host (local address), srflx (STUN reflexive address), relay (TURN relay address). If srflx and relay are not present then the TURN server is not working or not accessible and you should review the required ports in the requirements section.