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NetBird Client in Docker

One of the simplest ways of running NetBird client application is to use a pre-built Docker image.


  • Docker installed. If you don't have docker installed, please refer to the installation guide on the official Docker website.
  • NetBird account. Register one at

You would need to obtain a setup key to associate NetBird client with your account.

The setup key could be found in the NetBird Management dashboard under the Setup Keys tab -

Set the NB_SETUP_KEY environment variable and run the command.

docker run --rm --name PEER_NAME --hostname PEER_NAME --cap-add=NET_ADMIN -d -e NB_SETUP_KEY=<SETUP KEY> -v netbird-client:/etc/netbird netbirdio/netbird:latest

That is it! Enjoy using NetBird.

If you would like to learn how to run NetBird Client as an ECS agent on AWS, please refer to this guide.